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European Cancer Inequalities Registry
The European Cancer Inequalities Registry is a flagship initiative of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan. It provides sound and reliable data on cancer prevention and care to identify trends, disparities and inequalities between Member States and regions

Cancer concerns us all in one way or another. It has important impacts on patients, but it also severely affects the lives of their families and friends. In 2020, it is estimated that 2.7 million people in the European Union were diagnosed with the disease, and another 1.3 million people lost their lives to it. Unless we take decisive action now, in the EU by 2040 new cancer cases are set to increase by 21%, while cancer deaths by 31%.

Europe's Beating Cancer Plan makes renewed commitment to cancer prevention, treatment and care and puts forward concrete, ambitious actions that will support, coordinate and complement Member States’ efforts to reduce the suffering caused by cancer.

The European Cancer Inequalities Registry is one of the flagship initiatives of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, and as such reflects the Plan’s commitment to understand, address and reduce cancer inequalities between and among Member States. Furthermore, it supports flagship 1 of the Zero Pollution Action Plan.


Data tool

What States and/or Regions are doing better in cancer prevention, screening and care? See maps and graphs that clearly present indicators related to cancer, revealing existing inequalities.
Which indicators are the main sources of inequalities? Select multiple indicators and compare data among countries.


Other data sources



About the European Cancer Inequalities Registry

The European Cancer Inequalities Registry is a flagship initiative of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.
The European Cancer Inequalities Registry employs an indicator framework to assess countries’ progress in cancer prevention and care.
The European Cancer Inequalities Registry benefits from the work and contributions of many different players.



Reports and country profiles

Key figures
Key visuals summarise strengths and weaknesses in alleviating inequalities in each of the 27 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.
Country reports
Starting in 2022, for all EU27 Member States, Iceland and Norway, dedicated reports on progress and challenges in overcoming cancer inequalities will be published following a biennial cycle.
Thematic report
Starting in 2023, every odd year an overview report on the inequalities in cancer prevention and care in Europe will be published.